About Our Store


Why Yet Another Online Bookstore? 

In my favorite dream, I have always inexplicably found myself wandering a labyrinthine old house with many rooms. While that might be wonderful enough, the truly favorite part is the realization that there is a secret room in the house--behind a locked door, up or down a concealed passage, through a trap in the floor under a rug. The secret room is always a library. Arriving in the room is always a feeling of simultaneous excitement and arriving safely home.


But About the Bookstore.

Whatever else it means, I believe the dream is familiar to all passionate readers. Who among us doesn't recognize that place apart where we are magically transported while absorbed in a good book. The purpose of our bookstore is to recall that feeling and tempt one to indulge it. We will have usually a few hundred of our favorite books to browse, someplace where a reader can get pleasurably lost for a half hour. So please enjoy yourself, and if a book tempts you, feel free to take it home.


A Word About the Inventory.

Our books are almost exclusively fiction and tend toward the literary. Who knows, that might change as the store evolves, but that's it for now. We include both collectors' 'high spots' and a few reading copies of great books, but mostly our store focuses on books of interest to collectors of literature, mostly first editions but not all. We will attempt to describe them accurately; soon hopefully we will be able to include multiple pictures as well. All pictures will be the actual book being sold; no stock photos will be used.